Paul Snider

Police Officer Paul Snider of the Plant City Police Department has served as a uniformed patrol officer with dignity, integrity, and enthusiasm since March of 2015. Previously, he served the public as a paramedic for the Polk County Fire Rescue. This dedication has made him an invaluable asset to the citizens of Hillsborough County.

Officer Snider is a pro-active member of the PCPD Uniformed Patrol Division and found his “niche” when he realized the impact that could be made by addressing the problem of intoxicated drivers. During the previous year, Officer Snider removed and arrested over twenty drivers who were under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics. He has gained a reputation among his commanders, supervisors, and peers as a “go-getter” who has successfully utilized traffic stops and investigative methods to ensure the City of Plant City remains a safe place to live and visit.

An example of Officer Snider’s drive involved the complaint of a large and unruly crowd within the city. When Officer Snider arrived he was immediately engaged with gunfire by a subject within the crowd. The suspect then fled on foot and was pursued by Officer Snider until the suspect entered a vehicle which sped from the location. Officer Snider relayed the information to assisting officers who initiated a pursuit. Moments later, the vehicle crashed into a building. The suspect again fled on foot with a firearm, requiring officers to become involved in a gun battle which resulted in the injury and arrest of the suspect. Officer Snider would later provide testimony within the federal court system which resulted in a sentence of 15 years in Federal prison for the offender.

Officer Snider is a proud member of the PCPD’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team; a Certified FDLE instructor who is regularly utilized by the Department’s Training Unit; anda training assistant to the Department’s K-9 unit. Officer Snider also identified additional medical equipment that would be beneficial for all PCPD officers to carry to include severe wound trauma bags and tourniquet kits. He then participated with the purchasing, training, and implementation of the equipment.

The department is pleased to present this year’s Officer of the Year award to Police Officer Paul Snider.

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